I took Kristin's Cabaret Workshops in New York City.  From these workshops, I learned how to write my own shows and now, I have my work visa in the US for being a Cabaret Singer!  I am the only Japanese cabaret singer in NYC and am now working in Tokyo as well.  Thank you, Kristin!  
---Yuriko Hoshina, actress/singer
What People Say...
Kristin Samuelson is an amazing teacher. She is an authority on breathing techniques and takes the physics approach to voice. Within one week of taking classes with Kristin, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my voice.  And I am a professional singer!  She truly is the Voice Doctor.
                                                           ---Anthony Jefferson,
                                                              Jazz singer &
Recording Artist

Thank you not only for your excellent teaching and wonderful training, but for giving me a sanctuary where I was free to express myself as an artist and a human being.  The standards you demand for yourself and others are high.
                                             --Kristen Rosenfeld, Assistant Conductor,
Spring Awakening tour

Her knowledge of repertoire is impeccable.  And I wouldn't have this career if it hadn't been for her guidance!  Not many opera singers come from India…             ---Amar Muchhala, operatic tenor,
   working in London & France

Dr. Samuelson, affectionately referred to as "Dr. Sam," is well loved, fun and very passionate about what she does.   Her teaching techniques are very creative and highly effective--she brings the creative cutting edge--a true visionary!                                                                  ---Deanna Davis, singer/actress, New York City

Hey Kristin!  I've been working with a couple of your previous voice students; and must say, you evidently taught them well! =)                                                              ---Sam Clein, conductor/music director
Kristin has "diagnosed" the strengths and weaknesses of my voice and "prescribed" vocal and postural exercises and techniques that have made my voice stronger, clearer and more beautiful than I thought it could be.  Her use of imagery, her obvious passion for teaching and her extensive academic research of the voice combine for a transformative learning experience.                              
                                      --Lela Cloud, Singer and Songwriter


Dr. Kristin Samuelson helped me better understand the connection between proper vocal technique and dramatic intention. She showed me how intention can actually improve technique!  Under her guidance and coaching I was able to book three professional musical theater jobs in an equity theater.  I feel her teaching had a direct impact on my confidence and presentation at those auditions and throughout my performances.                                                          
                                         ---Kirsten Carmody, actress/singer

     Students rehearse Songs for a New World

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