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I didn't think speech training would make that much difference.  After the first class,
I auditioned for a day player role in a TV series and focused on Kristin's suggestions. 
Was I ever surprised!  I didn't book the role I auditioned for--

I booked a character who was in three episodes."

 --Robert Hotalen, Actor

Coaching Alex Walters on the set of That's What I Am.
The Actor's Voice
Make your voice work for you!        

As actors and other professionals, we continually use our voices, but we take them for granted.  Are you always able to fully communicate what you attempt to express?  Do you get nervous when you have to do an audition or presentation?  Is your diction clear and intelligible?  Does your voice project well enough?  Do you have an accent?

Diction and articulation are really important, but what about the pitch of your voice:  is it too high, too low?  The tone quality:  is it clear or gravelly, warm or harsh?  The breath:  do you have enough or do you sound strained?  How do you handle nerves in a tense situation? 

Workshop will cover:
  • Fundamentals of breathing
  • Diction and articulation exercises
  • Develop a vocal strategy for stressful situations
  • Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your speaking voice
  • Find your appropriate speaking pitch
  • Develop a warmup for your voice before acting, auditions, speeches, etc.
  • Performance of monologue or scene
When:  Organized as requested.  Please contact.
  On request
Uptown New Orleans and New York City

Call 917.880.8176 or send an email via Ask Dr. Sam
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