Anthony Jefferson, jazz singer, singing from his recently released CD, But Beautiful
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The Voice Doctor       

Read about Kristin's speech classes in March 3rd issue of Gambit:

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Kaye Doiron sings "Mercy," her own composition, at the final round of the Music Explorer competition in Paris.

Kristin Samuelson, aka Dr. Sam, has taught hundreds of people from age 7 to 70 how to sing. She has been teaching singing for over 25 years, primarily in New York City, but has now embraced New Orleans as her home. She is available for singing lessons, song coaching, voice therapy, singing for actors and speech coaching.  The Actor's Voice workshops have helped numerous actors in the NOLA area improve their accents, projection and speak with confidence onstage or oncamera.

She teaches everyone vocal technique, which involves: breathing, registration, resonance, posture and communication. These techniques can be applied to singing or speaking. Her approach is holistic, resulting from her experience with Alexander Technique, yoga, dance and acting.  

I have had the opportunity to observe Kristin in action many times. High energy and fun to study with, she teaches belting and legit singing and her students “get” it! Her students always sing well,
perform with confidence and get work. 
                                                          ----Noreen Waibel, Vocal Director for Disney Cruise Line

Singing Lessons and Coaching

Dr. Sam's musical theatre voice students have performed on Broadway in Candide and Parade and Off-Broadway in many shows, including Fiorello. Additionally, they have sung in many tours and shows in regional theatres. Classical students have sung at The Metropolitan Opera, New York City Opera touring company, Chautauqua Opera and Teatro Stabile in Potenza, Italy. Undergraduate students have gone on to graduate study at New England Conservatory, Harvard University, Eastman School of Music and The Guildhall School in London. Producers of debut rock recordings have brought their singers to her for preparation before singing their recording sessions.
Most recently, she coached the leading actor in the WWE film: That's What I Am, who sings a song in the film.  She coached the sorority sisters in So Undercover, starring Mylie Cyrus.  Kristin was also on the front page of the Times-Picayune offering instruction on how to cheer for the Saints without losing your voice. Additionally, a tenor student of hers is now a member of the professional Opera Studio at the Guildhall School in London, the foremost opera school in Europe.

The Actor's Voice:  Speech Workshop

With training in speech pathology, Dr. Sam also does speech improvement coaching. She has helped teachers, lawyers and business people, as well as actors improve their projection, find their true speaking pitch, refine their diction, get rid of accents and develop healthy speaking habits. She has been the speech coach for productions of Shakespearean plays.  These workshops have become popular with film actors wanting to improve their craft and marketability (book auditions!), as well as with business people who realize improving their speaking will improve their interactions with clients and colleagues.  One recent client is a professional wrestler with  WWE who appears regularly on Smackdown. 

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